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EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2020 concludes on a high note in Indonesia

The European Union (EU) Climate Diplomacy Week in Indonesia, held from 24 October to 6 November, ended on a high note with more than 50,000 participants joining in the 35 activities which put a spotlight on climate change.

Climate Diplomacy Week is EU’s paramount event organised annually across the globe to foster dialogue and cooperation, showcase success stories and inspire further actions to fight climate change.

With the slogan “Act Today for Our Tomorrow”, the Climate Diplomacy Week 2020 in Indonesia presented activities across five main themes: forest, ocean, responsible production and consumption, green economy, and urban climate actions.

Partnering in the various activities were the Indonesian government, the embassies of eight EU Member States (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden) and the EU Delegation, as well as civil society organisations, youth and community groups, private sector, the media, celebrities, opinion leaders, environmental activists and young climate warriors.

“This year, we collaborated with 161 partners. All show concerns about climate change and with high commitment to prevent it. The commitment is encouraging. It also proves that climate change is a critical issue and the need for us to act today for our tomorrow,” said Vincent Piket, EU Ambassador to Indonesia.

“Together, the 27 EU Member States have a tremendous amount of know-how to offer Indonesia in combatting climate change, which together with fighting the pandemic is our top priority for the coming decades. Our governments are committed to this, and so are our companies, including the 1,100 EU firms who have already invested in Indonesia, giving jobs to 1.1 million people. We see Indonesia as a top priority partner for the green recovery agenda,” added EU Ambassador Vincent Piket. 

Over the course of the past 14 days, activities were conducted mainly online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Climate Diplomacy Week was honoured with experts, policy makers and eco-activists who discussed interesting topics such as forest conservation, tackling marine pollution, sustainable lifestyle, green jobs and energy efficiency. “Thanks to the creativity of our partners, we held not only webinars and talk shows, but also presented musical performances, a fashion show, a movie night, various competitions, podcasts, and cooking and coffee brewing demonstrations,” said EU Ambassador Vincent Piket.

At the closing ceremony, comic artists Sheila Rooswitha Putri launched a series of comic strips highlighting the five themes of this year’s Climate Diplomacy Week. These comics will be used by the EU to raise Indonesian public awareness on climate change. The closing event also presented top performer Tulus, who sang “Gajah” (Elephant), a song to motivate people to care for the natural environment.

“To all our partners, my deepest gratitude for the cooperation. This was the third EU Climate Diplomacy Week in Indonesia but it will not be the last. The cause we share is too important; the work ahead is too big. None of us can do this alone – all of us have to play our part to fight climate change,” said EU Ambassador Vincent Piket at the closing ceremony.

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